broken air conditioning in texas apartments makes sleep nearly impossible when it is a stagnant ninety degrees

waking every hour

unable to get comfortable

in pain

burning up

it all adds up to make going to a job that cut hours that makes survival no option while the stress of everything insignificant is a constant beat down

they say one day at a time

but when each day is another level of hell

it becomes difficult to muster the will power to go through it again


5 thoughts on “muster

  1. Sorry to hear that, man. 90F at night is horrible! 2 summers ago I experienced that kind of heat at night in the UK— 31C at midnight, and very humid. I will never forget that, it was absolutely insane temperatures for the middle of the night in the UK. The whole summer I suffered. The body does adapt to the climate around it, and when you’re used to air conditioning, the natural heat will be a big shock.

    Meditation could help as it will slow your heart rate. I would have an ice cold bath before going to bed if I was in your situation, if that’s possible.

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