to River Dixon, a rambling response

the air feels heavy, heavier than the accumulated molecules, a hint of rain to wet the dry ground of desert vistas a torrential storm to be greedily drank by the dessicated browns of once flourishing green

the pitter patter of mechanical steps sounds softly through the heady song of confusion, obtrusion, intrusion and whispered delusion that blankets the oft flighty dreamscape of earthquakes and acrid aftertastes

i told you once of a dream, half muttered words sent to fill the lull between the ones and zeros of digital decay, rushing forth like the broken dams of sundered wishes cast into the aether, unheard in the herd mentality of ignoring is bliss

when she stood over me with tendrils of black venom falling to hiss upon the silken sheets of love turned to duty of duty turned to rote misery as i fell into the her empty orbs of adulation long expired like a man cast over the side of his vessel in the turbulent waves

you listened to the words hidden in the silence between harsh breaths to suffuse the anguish in my bipolar meanderings, suffice it to say that the words you didn’t say were the ones i needed to hear even if neither of us were capable of articulation in the dead quiet of a moment shared

it was there in that humbling silence into which you spat the verses that lifted the sullen sundries of sophistication into a broader spectrum than i could have never fathomed with my paltry grasp on numerics and alphabetical remorse to shed a light upon the truth of the gray matter i wholly denied


river is brilliant. a friend and partner in prose. the stories in between is his amazing blog. and his books can be found here.


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