the heavy waxy leaves
of the magnolia trees
hang low
over the empty sidewalks
staring out
over a city
that has been so busy
for so long
now left quiet
only missing
the tumbleweed
blowing across the dusty streets
to finish
the ghost town facade

a haze of pollen
in the air
like yellow flurries
in the warm spring air

he drives
down the normally
hectic roads
in slow motion
at the impending armageddon
like vibe
that pulsates
like a tuning fork
set to insidious

the magnolias
don’t care at all
much like
the animals at the zoo

how long will it take
for mother nature
to take control
of the fragile green

he is sure
the two legged creatures
are the actual virus
he smiles
as he parks
with no issue
finding the good spots
that are free
as the magnolias wave
in the breeze
heavy with pollen

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