and ginsberg howled

ginsberg howled
over the greatest minds.
being destroyed
by the traumas of war in a world
where war
was something sacred
an every couple of decades event
where the young
were lined up to die
in pursuit of some golden ideal
of some ignoble truth
that was nebulous
the shimmering glow
from marcellus wallace’s briefcase
in the back room of a pawn shop
yet it feels as if
that mental breakdown
was an easy journey
from start to end
as i watch the slow decay
of pandemically
enforced isolation
politically enhanced
racial divides
that seem tenuously stretched
further and further



ginsberg howled
about the same things as now
just in an era
where they used
more polite wording
more drugs
more gumption
to attempt to halt the wrongs
yet the greatest minds
still tattered at the edges
leaving me to wonder
if adding my voice
to the howls will do anything
but make more white noise
for the oligarchs to use
to drown out
the starving children
the broken
unseen victims
of a perpetual class war
an endless cycle of war
to keep the cash coffers full
the coffins overflowing
i see no other choice but to
add my own cracking voice
to the howl
in defiance of
the constant grinding of minds
to mush
to feed the fat pigs
that regulate
the almighty dollar.

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