and ginsberg howled

ginsberg howled over the greatest minds. being destroyed by the traumas of war in a world where war was something sacred an every couple of decades event where the young were lined up to die in pursuit of some golden ideal of some ignoble truth that was nebulous errant the shimmering glow from marcellus wallace’s […]

spilled milk

i have never cried over spilled milk that said i have spilled milk that was the last straw on an already fragile holding it together then broken down until tears spilled into the milk on the floor

mass ex-diction

can’t shake it all the time herded to the inevitable cliff through complex machinations destined to plummet endlessly metaphorically metaphysically metabolically a hyper state of metastasis methodically driven down the branching paths crooked streams subtle innuendo miniturized and magnified an extended departure to mythocracy mantled, manhandled, management, manic, maniac, mana misdiagnosed malignancy emancipate emissaries effegies […]

puppet king

a response to AL i’m in control this mantra i repeat to myself all day over and over again as the urge to retreat to hide in my darkened cave overwhelms i’m in control as the waves batter my psyche as the the levees holding the tears at bay buckle and creak i’m in control […]