working through some things

tranquil beauty
thrown into
the irrational blender
of bipolarism
lends itself
to painting
transitional images
the impenetrable depths.

it can serve
as an eye opening
into the deeper meaning
of friendship
the royal we
and acceptance
are a diverse set
of opposite focused
means to an end.

as i felt
the boot
on my head
not just pushing me
but elevating another
as mouthfuls
of muddy waste
become the only
in great gouts
of chalky dismissal.

forced to sink
down in the silt
of aspirations
swept along to be deposited
with the other ideas
deigned not fitting
in the hive mind of
incomprehensible politics
that entraps
the creative sphere.

by the broken mind
by the hand of friendship
hiding the blade
made to be the freak
the mistake
the joke
surrounded by natural beauty
unnatural dissent
by faces in masks
that project their own visage
in twisted smiles.

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