the first thing
i noticed
as i got out of
the car
was the unusual
crackle of broken glass
under foot
then the flapping
caution tape
all around me
alerted me
that unusual
was more usual
than expected
as i saw all
the broken windows
the landscape of

one day
will people understand
the feeling of
walking across
shattered windows
with a mask covering
half your face
as the end times
loomed down
over the dessicated corpse
of freedoms

a lone walker
with teary eyes
from the remnants of
tear gas
floating like little kisses
from the pink blossoms
under the feet of those
that could suffer
no longer
under the boots of
status quo.

i will leave
the how’s and why’s
to someone
far smarter
than a fool
with an abscess of poetry
like poison
in his soul.


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