raven eyes

those moments before the sun rises when the world is stirring but has yet to open it’s eyes the chill breeze blows with a hint of rain the random car sputters sleepily towards the beyond

it is a moment of peaceful reflection tinged with rejection a time for deflection before the sunrays pierce the void of today will be better with the harsh light of more of the same bitter pills

i creep soundlessly throughout the apartment well aware it defines my life of apart yet meant to be part of something more while languishing in the inability to act on the voices that whisper

a lone raven sits on the edge of the roof watching me watch it both wondering if the other has any clue it is too damn early to be so morosely disinterested in the splendor of the world around us

there is a kinship in avoidance that calls to the wisps of souls across the trash strewn parking lot in the middle of the city yet somehow completely alone surrounded by millions of people


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