seven percent battery

the world
has been boiled down
into handheld screens
where the events happening
just over the silicon
go ignored

there is no longer
a need
to experience
when you can let others
describe it for you

the sunset looks beautiful
in stunning high definition
even if
it loses definition
in the darkened room

the line between dadaism
mocking the modern world
and the real life
lack of involvement
seems to have blurred
into a constant state of confusion

it is just easier
to let someone else define things
than to take the time
to form your own opinion
even if it takes
the flavor from the experience

you will know
when something has happened
by the notification bells
around you
until then sleep and digest
the prechewed content

thinking is hard
living is even harder
so settle into the soft mush
of someone else’s living
the nightmare
for you

just pack your charger

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