in a parking lot
another plain building
in a slew of buildings
lining the same street
in any town
in any city
in the country

i wonder
if this is what people
in the past
the world would become
a homgenized mess
of glass and concrete
with no soul

5 thoughts on “cityscape

  1. Mike, so many times I just ‘like’ your pieces sometimes that is the absolutely last word that describes how I feel about what you have written. Like this one. …. it is a short and outwardly not as emotional and broken open as a lot of things you write.
    I feel the emotion of that parking lot, those buildings….anytown USA, it is a vacuum, suffocating and as you describe soulless. If your recent writing is your current reality I just wanted to send these words out to you …..sometimes it is just good to share words ……. so much more than a ‘like’. You are a poet.

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