candy coated, words

i like it when someone in the crowd comes up to me as if to ask a question

then a moment passes

a flash

and they begin to weigh if they want to ask me anything at all

i assume it is fear of getting punched

they have a half formed smile as they approach and i make eye contact

it shrivels up

not completely

but like there was a glitch in the system

needed a second to reboot

then they ask the person next to me

or keep walking

it is great

but then my daughter wins an award and the exterior cracks and falls apart

i yelled when her name was called and jumped up, and due to gravity, down

i guess i technically jumped up and fell back down

this isn’t about that

stop tricking me

she is brilliant

i could never have guessed i would be half responsible for bringing perfection into the world


it is a humbling moment

mexican dude with neck tattoos automatically stood by me

we formed a wall of menace

until my little break down when she was called

and his five minutes later

we went from security to prom queen in a matter of seconds

luckily we were the only ones who noticed


we did our dadly duties and hugged our princesses and bounced as quick as possible

he lit up a cigarette immediately out the door and said see ya to me as i wandered to the parking lot

both clad in our personas again

masks down

grimace engaged

but we both knew the truth

didn’t we

i think it makes us tougher somewhat

being able to show our emotions

and then flip a switch and break your nose and a couple ribs


just two candy coated tough guys with talented kids

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