blueberry swirl, words

the world is pain

not just pain mind you

but right now

it is mostly pain

agony with every movement

thank goddess for drugs

a knock on the door is a three minute trip into forever

the second i get comfortable is when something has to be done

then the process begins again

blueberry through the bubbler


silent calls for help

feels like a repeat performance from the appendix

mother pus bucket

if i can convince everything to stay within two feet and not fall life is doable



not really

nyquil and the fog of war

the apocalypse may have happened

today is supposed to be the rapture

so if you don’t hear from me again it is because i am in heaven

chilling like a villian on a cloud

presenting my ideas on how to perfect the whole sick game

ways to ease suffering and the all encompassing pain

gotta kill forever some how

and i’m not one of those kneel in supplication types so i expect to annoy every angel in earshot

anything to make it through today

my sinuses will enjoy the pollen free air

i worry with my missing parts i will miss my early access into the pearly gates

then i worry my entire lack of faith is holding me back

then i laugh at worrying about if the monster under the bed thinks i’m cute enough to mangle or molest

it hurts when i laugh

or possibly blaspheme

they go hand in hand most days

so the world is a ball of agonizing misery right now

for a miniscule increment

then all will be good again

blueberries make everything better

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