jokes, words

he is crude

curses like a sailor

writes what he thinks as he thinks it

doesn’t take the time to think it through

it is how he is

scenes open in his mind and he relates them as best he can

not fantasies

not really

just sees images of things and tries to sculpt them put of word

his fingers not good at clay

he sketched as a kid but let that skill deteriorate over time

could never draw what his mind showed him

so he began to spill it onto the page

his heart in his sleeve he vetured out into the world and tried very hard to give it away

it was more of a rental service he discovered

someone would see it

think it looked good

take it home

eventually abuse it and send it back in a package with no return address

this is his cycle

he took time off from the mailing industry

let his heart heal

found someone to send it to again

but she refused delivery

has her reasons for not wanting it

he gets it

doesn’t make it any less painful

so he takes some more time to try and recuperate

make himself less of a mistake

but he worries

maybe he should just seal the box and store it in the basement

if no one wants it

and he clearly cannot take care of it

what use is it

these questions haunt him

as his allergies flare and he spent a day with a sick kid

the silence weighing down

he began to realize he is a joke

one without a punchline

just an unfunny one liner

or maybe he is the punchline but he doesn’t know the body of the joke itself

all he knows is whatever he tries blows up in his face

talks too much it is used against him

too quiet and it all falls apart

he doesn’t do games unless there is a controller

and not with his heart

so when he called out to me for advice i had none to give

just keep on keeping on

one day it will happen

or it won’t

that is the way of things

just keep writing your truth

sketch those images

and someone will love them as much as you do

he looked at me

hurt in his eyes

the green faded to brown in sorrow

he has about given up

and as i turned the light off, he stood staring at me in the darkness

we turned in perfect unison and walked away

heads down

chin on chest

wondering what the joke is

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