fulfilled, words

staring out the window

the headache is back and pissed off i spent half the day without it

a sparrow dances on the fence

it is clearly after something

but i see nothing

it hops back and forth, intent on it’s prey

a truck pulls in with booming bass and it flies off


the driver sits as the bass rattles the truck windows

he is in the zone

hand bouncing on the steering wheel

head moving in tune with the distorted rumble

his hand darts off the wheel

the music disappears as he talks into his phone

he gets out, mid conversation and heads to his apartment


another neighbor walks out with two large garbage bags

he fumbles with them and his keys as he tries to hit the fob and pop open the trunk

he has to set one down

the trunk slowly rises and as he grabs the bags one rips and trash spills all over his shoes

he hangs his head and walks back into his apartment

returns with a new bag and a broom

he cleans the trash and stares at his shoes


as i stare through the blinds

watching people scurry about in the daily routine i have no idea about

i see very few smiles

they all seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere they would rather not go to

kids yelling in back seats

adults with beaten expressions nodding as they listen to someone on the phone

or to the radio, another tragedy somewhere coming to life in their mind as the deejay reads the news

no one appears happy

just unfulfilled

and i sit back

how long did i watch them


i go back to my work

the things i put off because of that sparrow

i walk outside and look on the fence to find a piece of red fabric stuck between the slats

i pull it out and set it on top of the fence

pour another cup of coffee and wait

the bird flies down and sweeps the fabric into it’s beak and soars away

i take a satisfied drink

it doesn’t take much to have a day be unfulfilling

it take even less to make it fulfilling

that brown bird just got it’s wish granted

i did my part to make the world a little better


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