meds, words

on some serious anti-sobriety medication

have a subscription with this dude i know

he prescribes

i imbibe



i enjoy the drive to an illicit exchange

it elicits an invocation

summons a djinn of time erasure

one drive and a week is gone

just ligature marks and the faint recollection of longing

bushido code

honor of the samurai

and invisible ants crawling across your skin

writing your own effigy

drowning in fire

the testament to attrition

scaling the granite edifice

a lesson in hubris directed by kubrick and broadcast neurally by robotic penguin

macedonian harvest in the fertile present

crescent rolls burning

black smoke like so much sickly crow plumage

just a little longer in the shallow end of rock bottom

five more minutes

animate my life long pursuits

style over substance

the regal sparrow on gilded wings

the perrenials need planted

but the earth is salted

wet from androgynous tears and culminating in lackluster attempts at stereotypical nocturnal emissions

bovine growth hormones make the cantankerous palatable

as the surf brings in the bounty

the sky fills with calm

and another bubbling hit is taken


i’m fine

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