nevermind, words

instead of mirrors the world would be a much more wonderful and strange place if we could see ourselves as others do

no reflective surface needed

no taint of inner turmoil

which manic stage are we at today

the one where everything is beautiful


it is all shit

the mirror is a one way trip into loathing and fetal ball sobs, caricature kaleidoscopes playing off of the shadows

imagine seeing yourself as that unwavering image of beauty in the eye of a lover

the sultry sexual deity in the passerby




what clouds should be made of instead of vapor or pollutants

not the hurt child staring back

not the flaws and imperfections you know by heart

your eyes go to immediately

that eye is slightly higher

when did you get old and fat

weren’t you young once

lines and creases and all those times where it almost worked out

it all nearly came together

for a a butterfly’s fart it was sweet and genuine

it was peace

a slow motion sequence in the documentary of nihilism and out of speck timing

instead you could pick a stranger in the mall

get a completely neutral take

how horrifying

we are reduced to an object within the ten seconds we are in someone else’s orbit

broken down to ones and zeros



too good

too fake

too fat

too skinny

with no real insight of the person walking, trying on a hat

trimmed his beard badly and now has a mustache and soul patch and feels the weight of his out of control trajectory into the sun and just wants one last chance at the glee he squandered

mother just died

had an abortion

the nitty gritty gunk that makes someone truly attractive or disgusting

we are all gross

that ass you stared at hungrily dropped a deuce

i’m sorry to pull back the curtain

my big fear is that they would see me the same way i see me and then there would be no point in anything any more



mirrors are fine


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