county mouse, words

i sat in the lobby

waiting for the dude who has the distinct privilige of being my personal tour guide through the bowels of the county hospital

the first thing you notice about the county hospital is nothing appears new

the entire place has a lived in feeling

in comparison to the for profit hospitals i have been to recently it is night and day

the for profit has new displays every where

chrome and glass are the theme

splashes of color and it is a place to celebrate life, not a place for battling for it

the county has the look of fifty fifty chances

the staff is just as terrific, but the decor says flip a coin

in the shinier money machine everything has a place and it will be there

at the county it will be somewhere but whoever you ask has thirty other things do to at the moment and will still try and help

sick people, whether rich or poor are all the same, but the poor far out number the rich here

the homeless gather in the lobby or at the mcdonalds

in other words

i am more at home at the county but would prefer they cut on me at the for profit

it may still be fifty fifty odds but for some reason if i am throwing the dice i want to do it in the glitz and glitter

call me a snob

and it isn’t because the nurses were cuter

they were even

might even give the edge to the county

just as nice

unless you are outside

but that is be of neighborhood can have that affect on a person

and as my tour guide slash babysitter shows up and i stand to greet him with a smile and hand shake

i can see he wishes he was a for profit mouse instead of a county mouse

he asks questions on how the other half live

i tell him the truth he wants

you got a fifty fifty shot either way

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