over corpse, words

in hong kong they don’t have real estate for the dead

so they built buildings like so many postal boxes to store the ashes in


and that is disappearing as well

seven point four million souls

virtual reality tombs

little boxes to store your earthly remains

space trash

send them to the moon or figure out a true soylent green solution

cockroaches are the most nutritious things out there

mix me up a human smoothie

stem cells and marrow

spike it with some adrenal glands

it’ll lead to body farms though

underground labs that grow the choicest cuts

war on biomodification

all because of the ever piling bodies

cyber terrorism in cool neon overtones

spun into a frenzy of non modded pure humans against the modified masses

dark jazz plays menacingly in the back ground

slums and danger at every turn

have and have nots determine reality

everyone lives in an electronic fairy tale dream in the cloud

a slick watercolor pastiche

thriving economy and infrastructure

out of touch with the meat suit and other sundry concerns

a new world to fill with corpses

the never ending need for more pushing the boundaries of any psuedo mix of religious and obeying the laws of physics

stressing the servers

biohacking the weather

the defining moment of a limit is when it is broken

only to die at the end

we aren’t jellyfish or lobsters

just out of space for the bodies

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