kitten (darkness as a lover VIII)

her brown eyes
catch the light
as she stretches
on the couch

a low purr
in the back of her throat
her taut body
on display
in all of it’s
sublime sexuality

i watch
the shadow of it
my tongue
across my lips
in an unconscious display
of hunger
a growl emanating
in the back
of my throat

she stares at me
with cocked eyebrow
an invitation
to run my hands
along her supple

i trace
with trembling fingers
across her lips
the hollow
of her throat
running gently
around hardening nipples
over ribs
hip bones
until her back arches
as lazy circles
find purchase
beneath the hooded flesh

her intense
feline grace
punctuated by her
throaty moans
as her legs
drape tensely
over my shoulders
broken by shudders
as i reach up
put two fingers
her long soft tongue

in the darkness
of the night
the only goal
is making
this kitten purr


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