under his skin

his reflection bounced off the stonemaggots deep within the silvery ore they slithered in mercurial grace as if under his skin they crawl the worldmirror shattered under the intensity of his vacant gaze fissure form across his face

embrace (darkness as a lover IV)

the lush grass wet with rain from a rambling little storm against my bare feet as i luxuriate beneath the onyx blanket of scattered diamonds the heat of the day turns into the heat of the evening with humid breath against sweat slick skin her sky is azure brilliance mine muted by light pollution a […]


she stares at me like destruction eroding the cellular walls of insular childhood ignominy her nuclear caress against blistered skin threads the needle of agony with an ecstacy chill she sloughs the skin of salted worry leaving etchings carved into the skeletalwomb of anguish

independence day

the history books tell a beautified take of rising up in the face of those that would crush them the reality was never so pretty ask the natives ask the chinese ask the irish ask the italians ask the africans the melting pot has always had a layer of char floating, a sickness in the […]

(un)titled worship

heads bent in benediction at the trough of heavenly delight the sacrament laid out buffet style with hibachi chefs flipping wafers in to the open mouths of silent pennance the neon cross flickers with residual static as the dissonance between god and man broadens like a chasm birds bathe in the holy water font while […]

starlight (darkness as a lover III)

she is insubstantial as starlight brightening the sky but the light diffuses right before lightening my spirit a wisp that floats dark against the night smoke that lingers with a heady scent of lavender loss on the breeze this constant ache replaced with sorrowful reminiscences does she see me as i see her a shadow […]

confessional II

resilliant resistant persisting through disillusionment a tin can telephone sending missed calls to inattentive ears an important message carved into young flesh to fester forgive me mother for i have sinned in truth forgive me father for i have lived on after you forgive me daughter for i have not always been a man forgive […]

lost again

lost in translation the emancipation of flagrant anticipation left to boil in the fervent need of another day in nowhere another night spent chasing wishes casting lines casting nets casting spells casting calls the call of the wild wonder of whimsy cashed in like chips at the table chip off the old block old denim […]

driving illiteracy

stream of consciousness dream of unconsciousness ream of paper beam of light reflected off a skyscraper scamper to the hamper to answer the questions hawk circles thermals drift slowly rabbit hops in the thick underbrush beneath the mesquite thorns corded muscles the vein pulses in his forehead another lost soul drifting in the middle of […]

master link

the master link was removed and the chain went flying into the bowels of the machine the master link was removed and the chain went flying into the bowels of the machine a simple thing the master link a locking clip then it falls apart to change the chain requires more than two hands the […]


he jettisoned the artificial atmosphere out into the vacuum of space in a sudden flash of insanity he had grown tired of the endless nothing hidden behind thick shielding that protected from solar radiation gave in to the soft call of oblivion whispering in the loneliness of the capsule halted gasps as his eyes pooled […]

confessional in the antechamber of a bored judge

i drove between orange cones like a maniac clamtongue with sea salt blood and anger boiling in gouts of briney spew like the liquefied remains of earnest hopes scalded by abusive mothers filled with the special indignation only the narcissistic self loathing can muster i told myself if she raised that hanger again to hell […]

she dances (darkness as a lover II)

she dances in front of the window a lone candle flickers behind her the light sends shadows across the lot to my apartment draws my eyes she dances unaware of my eyes upon her the way she sways as sinuous as the flickering light itself an intense eroticism i strain to hear the music that […]


in my life i have played a lot of games card video board made up pen and paper you name it but i never figured out the games people play with emotions i am a lot of things most bad but i never entered into a conversation with the express aim to toy with someone […]

darkness as a lover

the evening rode him as fiercely as any lover ever had caressing his naked body blanketing him in it’s intangible grasp he sits rock hard in the sheer darkness his mind only on her

a price that must be met

she pulled a shard of glass from beneath her left breast with a wince of pain masked by a smile i watched heartblood drip in fat crimson drops onto the barren soil beneath her bare feet her smile held a tinge of sadness as she looked deeply into my eyes clutching the soulglass meant for […]


she lays silently the plastic wrap clings to her still form her blue lips locked in a rictus of fear her staring eyes still scream accusations the shiny gray duct tape bracelets dulled in the muted light of another migraine sitting in the darkened room a faint smile erased by another grimace of pain flashes […]


i have seen the swarming blades like flies on the bloated carcass ripe with gases in the hot summer afternoon of yet another installment of hell on earth danced in the hurricane of murderous intent with nary a glance nor assumption as to which hand holds the end of this wasted life of lies


the lone lightbulb hangs from the wire sways on the errant wind of ghosts dancing in the murkiness of the basement with cracked concrete floor and the pervading scent of mold of mildew of coppery hints at hidden nefarious deeds done in the faint light of the incandescent bulb the shadows stretch angrily as the […]

(un)titled rage

take the void and all the goddamned lies of duplicitous doorknobs dangling participles undifferentiated nightshivers creeping up your spineless quivering jellyfish disassociation regress backwards with your drooling misanthropic nature hidden behind compassionate facades your eyesluts honeyed words dripping from a serpents tongue to sizzle acidicly take the void and all the goddamned lies the duplicity […]


she has the eyes of an angel the lips of the devil the curves of a seaside road at dusk and the hands of a serial killer she has the voice of salvation the scent of damnation the heart of devotion spoken between beats and the mind of a poetic scholar in her is equal […]