independence day

the history books tell a beautified take of rising up in the face of those that would crush them

the reality was never so pretty

ask the natives

ask the chinese

ask the irish

ask the italians

ask the africans

the melting pot has always had a layer of char floating, a sickness in the broth that leaves a funny taste if you analyze it too closely

it was never a case of practice what you preach but a case of do as i say not as i do

founded by the cast aways

built on blood and ideals that were never quite possible to uphold

what the founding fathers wrote in defiance has been defied even as it has been deified

threw off the yoke of a monarch to willingly be attached to the yoke of gold of the almighty dollar

for independence day read the candy coated histories and ignore the bitter seed at the center

wave your stars and stripes

ignore the children sick and dying in cages at the border

ignore the constant state of war since inception

celebrate the freedom you pay for in increments every single day

the freedom of speech that is heavily monitored

the freedoms that are heavily monetized

the american dream that exists next to the dodo, the tasmanian tiger and the species that die by the second as we deny climate change in pursuit of oil

happy birthday to an ideal, an apple with a rotten core, a police state with a smiley face slapped on it

17 thoughts on “independence day

      1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you do speak out. Everyone who sees the reality should speak out, in our own ways. Too many people can’t be bothered, it seems. I’ll be re-reading this piece for sure.

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      2. This piece has stuck with me today. It got me thinking about those children confined at the border, and this led to thinking about all the injustice that flies in the face of our ideals, which triggered thoughts of how journalists and artists are starting to get censored more and more for speaking out, for writing the truth (especially since we discussed speaking out). This led to the surreal piece I wrote today, so thank you again, as this piece of yours started me down a chain of thoughts leading directly to my latest piece. Very grateful for that, thank you.

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  1. I was going to craft a point by point rebuttal to your rant, but all I can say is that Jesus tells us to not “cast pearls before swine.” Congratulations on missing the point on a truly grand scale. Next time you get your brain washed, ask for light starch.

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    1. I appreciate the lack of a response and casual negativity. At least a point by point response to a poem (not a rant, and factual despite being prose) would have allowed discourse instead of ignorance. I’d recommend Howard Zinn and The People’s History of the United States as a starter. And less hostility to a belief that goes against your own. Freedom means thinking for yourself and allowing others to do the same without name calling. But you illuminate the modern thought of either with us or against us that has divided this land, maybe irrevocably. God Bless you.


      1. Oh, get over yourself. I don’t need a sermon, or a recommendation for a leftist history book. Your content , I don’t necessarily dispute. I know we’ve been bad boys and girls. So I will politely decline the invitation for “re-education”, Comrade. No we are not divided irrevocably. Have a nice day😀


      1. Do you understand anything at all about context? So I’m not going to debate with you about whether Jesus was Enlightenment Liberal, full grasping Freedom of The Press. Rather I used the quote to decry Mr Ennenbach’s disparaging of the ideals of our Founders, in his diatribe disguised as a poem. Oh and don’t patronize me with a “God Bless”, OK?


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