she lays silently
the plastic wrap clings
to her still form
her blue lips
locked in a rictus of fear
her staring eyes
still scream accusations
the shiny gray
duct tape bracelets
dulled in the muted light
of another migraine
in the darkened room

a faint smile
by another grimace of pain
across the sitting woman’s
cold face
as she tries to find her center
in the center
of the whirlwind
of release and agony
of another craving

the furniture dolly
sits patiently
immune to the scent
of chemical and physical release
a means
to a quick disposal
once the lightning bolts
of pain
cease the storm
in her skull
it feels as much
as she does

maybe the next
will be the last
the final piece
to fixing
the shatter
inside her
maggot infested soul
but neither
the dolly
or her
really believe
these hungers
will ever go away

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