key to the willow pt X

he woke
wracked with pain
of where
he had fallen
he remembered the feeling
of stomach
in his throat
as the vacuum of space
wrapped around him
like a lover’s embrace

he was
by darkness
on his back

he got up
craned his neck
to see a spot
of blue
above him
for what else
could he expect
after so great
a fall
than to have to
climb back

all he recalled
from the vertigo
of spinning through space
was faerie wings
ever upward
as he flew
ever down

as he made his way
one hand
over the other
towards the light
he remembered
the song
that caught his ear
flooded through him
as he climbed

he would find
the source
of that haunting melody

it felt
as if it was
he was destined for

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