key to the willow pt XIV

curiosity need fear a confluence of emotions culminating in once frenetic goal the door on top of the faerie wing spiral staircase of ivory three desperate naked emotions where do three separate paths converge except in absolute chaos the hero clawing his way to the sunlight that was but a flickering star in the distance […]

key to the willow pt XIII

he climbed slowly leaving fingernails in the cracked earth around him a flurry of stones fell bouncing off of his back his arms one struck his forehead he was forced to blink perspiration and blood from his eyes but he never stopped as the light came ever closer he wondered at what had triggered the […]

key to the willows pt XII

the wildlife froze as if becoming statues around her she clutched her bear close to her chest the shaking stopped the dust settled but the air had a taste of wrong to it at once the world erupted into motion starting with every bird in the forest taking to the sky at once in a […]

key to the willow pt XI

she hunched down low over the rim of the crater her nostrils flared as she smelled the scent of far away of freedom and the hint of something else could this be the key to doorway high amongst the willows she couldn’t be sure couldn’t trust another false hope after all of the years she […]

key to the willow pt X

he woke wracked with pain unaware of where he had fallen he remembered the feeling of stomach in his throat as the vacuum of space wrapped around him like a lover’s embrace he was surrounded by darkness flat on his back slowly he got up craned his neck to see a spot of blue far […]

key to the willow pt IX

out of the cave she took her first tentative steps into the dust filled sky the meteor fell as she had foretold while staring into her cauldron of bubbling brew the rains would come soon thundering across the forest to shake the very spiralling steps at which lay the one thing she desires over all […]

key to the willow pt VIII

she felt the earth tremble beneath bare feet as the branches swayed heavily on the shockwaves she curled into a ball as the dust clouds swept down into the forest the last thing she saw was a spark grow ever closer from the bright star in the ladle in the sky her bear clutched tightly […]

key to the willow pt VII

he stood at the edge of polaris listening to the faintest of sounds then smiled sadly let himself slip off the edge to plummet like another fallen star himself the witch brayed like a mule with a toothache inside her cave loud enough to rattle the bones that hung from stalactites all around her but […]

key to the willow pt VI

the ribbons hung limply as she stared out at the staircase she wondered if faeries really existed if one could see her would come to her set her free from the shackles of fear she sighed long and low as tears welled in her eyes the ivory stairs reflecting the bars of sunlight across the […]

key to the willow pt V

and he sat on the north star with tears frozen on his cheeks like diamonds catching the errant light of passing comets he could not see but he felt a tugging in his soul he watched with strained vision searching for the thing that sent shivers through him knowing it wasn’t just the cold of […]

key to the willow pt IV

the witch wasn’t always the monster she had one day awoken to find herself once upon a time she had dreams, aspirations, goals but she found her prince charming was not so chivalrous and in her heart was planted a thorn with poisonous intent it festered and rotted until she looked on the outside as […]

key to the willow pt III

she waited unaware of the man in the stars or the witch in the hut as sunlight filtered down through the canopy of trees a raven landed softly on the branches of the strong old oak soon another then another until the black eyes stared at her one hundred fold the oak seemed to ripple […]

key to the willow pt II

he was born of fire quenched in the unmelting heart of the north star high above the clouds his eyes were the color of dying embers in ash but his lips had the hint of blue from years spent trapped in the farthest reaches of space the clouds obscure the forest from the eyes of […]

key to the willow pt I

there was a spiral staircase in the middle of the castle made out of ivory bones carved by careful hands to look like faery wings that stretch on and on into the aether all the way to a locked door without a key that hides away the secrets of another broken heart she played with […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt VI

she stumbled onto his words quite by accident he read her’s as a courtesy in return what are the odds, the chance, in a million writers, from just as many walks of life, spread among the farthest reaches of the globe he would see her writing the words resonating in his mind she is brilliant […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt V

she makes the best of life it’s what she does ignoring the ache that has become just another part of the daily routine another symptom she finds religion it is enough to fill the void in it’s own way she is able to give her trust into a higher power that things will be what […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt IV

he found things to fill his time leaving dream to night time flights of fancy instead of consuming his day turned to poetry to give the longing an outlet perhaps in a half hearted hope that the one with the key would find stumble upon him in giving up he threw out one last lifeline […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt III

she always had a knack at opening doors into the unseen intuition into the hidden matters of others but she was unable to find the one door that opened into happiness for her so she did what she knew best she helped others instead of herself even as the callus formed around her own heart […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt II

the lock weighs heavy some days an anchor draped in ink across my heart numbing the world like a heavy metal antiseptic preventing the overflow a dam erected at the source of confusion so many ran their fingers across the lock only to roll over and face the wall rather than the indifference

a dream of locks and keys, pt I

i dreamt in this dream i sat in the leather chair listening to bill evans trio play lightly as the hum of the tattoo gun fired throughout my synapses i watched as the pulsating needles dipped into the little plastic cup of ink a spray of droplets danced across the metal tray covered in saran […]