a dream of locks and keys, pt I

i dreamt

in this dream i sat in the leather chair listening to bill evans trio play lightly as the hum of the tattoo gun fired throughout my synapses

i watched as the pulsating needles dipped into the little plastic cup of ink

a spray of droplets danced across the metal tray covered in saran wrap next to a dollop of petroleum jelly

are you ready

i nodded as the first pinpricks danced like a million stinging gnats against the tender flesh of my chest

watching the maestro smear the ink and blood back away from the freshly shaven skin

no outline marred the flesh as he worked methodically back and forth to perfect the lines

the tip of the gun entered the water and a new hue was drawn

this is permanent, you know

i knew

not what the image would be

but that it was permanent


he worked tirelessly on the piece as pieces came to light to my eyes

the vibration directly over my heart felt euphoric if not a bit off putting

slowly the image came to life as he added shape and shadow to create a work of art

a work of binding

it became less a jumble of blood streaked lines and more an old fashioned padlock with a keyhole carved into the front

as he finished i felt the lock snap shut

finding the key is up to you, my work is done

i awoke and my hand clawed down the sheets from my heaving chest

i looked down to find the lock in my dream had become a part of my waking

in my head i heard him speak again

finding the key is up to you

to be continued…


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