he couldn’t tell
if the world
was outside
his door
or if it was a wolf
in the night

he figured
out the secret
to the maze
was to run headlong
into every wall
to make his own
to the center
of the illusion

he didn’t know
if the howling
was the wind
or the wolf
outside his door

he didn’t much care

he has wine
and whiskey
and women
and song
even if only
in his mind

he has pain
and agony
and sorrow
and loss
if only
in his soul

one day
he will cast open the door
and let
either world or wolf
consume him

one day
he will find

in the light
of the sun
or the in
the slobbering
fang filled mouth

an amazing maze
in the heart
of the amusing muse

every story
has an ending
none can tell
if it will be happy
or not

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