manic book review – a trio of modern classics

for the last week, the insipid Fool has been under the weather. when not asleep or writing my signature shitty poetry©, i have been doing as much reading as possible and decided maybe i should do the occasional book review. this comes with its own set of anxieties because the bulk of what i read […]

nervous breakdown, now on my patreon

my friend, Shandon, took his own life a few weeks ago. he isn’t the first of my friends to choose his own way out, but it hit me harder than the others. he loved dinosaurs and Richard Kadrey. he wanted to write and was making headway. then life hit hard and everything fell apart. i […]

a wonderful review

Erik’s review of Hunger I don’t tend to share reviews often, it feels self serving and is. But this one got me, I agree with his criticisms totally. It was what won him over, in particular my favorite scene, that really hit me hard. You don’t know when you are writing something that won’t be […]

A review of Notches and a great blog to follow

Lisa Lee Tone Review of Notches My little collection of madness got a great review from Lisa Lee Tone on her blog. I’ll be honest, her reviews are always excellent. She avoids spoilers and still gives you a hint of what to expect. And her kindness to Notches is very much appreciated. But she is […]

review for Cerberus Rising

The always amazing, Lisa Lee Tone reviewed Cerberus Rising and to say I am blown away would be an understatement. review of Cerberus Rising I was especially happy to see ‘Baptized in Lethe’ mentioned. Of the three of my stories, Lethe was the most honest to who I am as a writer. I worried it […]

High Fever Books reviews Hunger.

High Fever Books review of Hunger on the Chisholm Trail I am not used to this sort of praise, it is hard to accept they are talking about my book. Wow. Dang. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail is available now from Amazon. I’ll most likely be off the grid all weekend, Books on the Bayou […]

Night Worms Book Party

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, my first novel has been out for nearly two months now. I’m still sort of incredulous at how well it has been received. You don’t know when you write a story how others will take it. And I was double out of my element writing this. I’d never considered a […]

OneLeggedReviews on Hunger on the Chisholm Trail

Hunger review This is a humbling and wonderful review of my debut novel, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail. I’m not used to or prepared for receiving praise as a rule. This made me ecstatic. I am not a typical writer on the best of days. When I was approached for this series, my first panicked […]

News and reviews for Hunger

Excellent Review for Hunger on Goodreads And this one I was floored with these great reviews today and yesterday. The nerves of having my first novel come out have been playing hell on my mind. I have no issues with poetry, flashes that come and go. But hoping to convince someone I can make you […]

Hunger review and milestone

Chris Miller reviews Hunger A biased and glowing review from Author Chris Miller. And I was alerted that my debut was number 1! Holy cow. I’m beyond floored. Thank you to all who have shown me their support. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, available now.


Been a busy morning for the Fool. My first novel is formatted, cover is done and it is coming to rain blood across the plains. I am freaking out a little. This is my first full novel. No hiding behind poetry and short tales. This is different. And this morning, one of my favorite authors […]