a wonderful review

Erik’s review of Hunger

I don’t tend to share reviews often, it feels self serving and is. But this one got me, I agree with his criticisms totally. It was what won him over, in particular my favorite scene, that really hit me hard. You don’t know when you are writing something that won’t be out for a year how it will land with the reader. You can only do everything in your power to write a compelling story. My focus in Hunger was to have a large cast of living characters. That’s a gamble. Too much and it is boring, too little and they are just written to die. And I planned on the majority dying, it’s a horror book after all.

I don’t know, it feels wonderful to know that something I poured a month into in every free moment brought joy to someone. These small moments mean everything. If this inspired you to grab a copy, my about page has links to my current selection of books. That feels dirty and I don’t like to shill, but there are some decent stories you may enjoy. Especially Cerberus and Notches.

thank you always



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