a few of my favorite things

a mud puddle soaked through my favorite sneakers,
the world weary glances from all of the tweakers,
small plastic baggies loaded with a variety of pills,
this realm is a hell filled with peril and chills

all of the people with masks covering faces,
six feet apart in all of the public places,
there is a sense of trauma and fear,
as everything ignites, flames take all you hold dear

scabberous canines chew on homeless faces,
the dark ones have desecrated all the holy places,
a comet could crash into the planet quite soon,
as the evil that slumbers hatches out of the moon

as the flesh cracks
as the bones shatter
as consciousness fades
i simply stare at the world in blank faced horror
as cthuhlu

as they rise up from their long sleep,
to drive their ravenous fangs deep,
it really isn’t so bad,
hail to the old ones that rise from sea,
soon we will be
quite mad

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