depression feels supercilious yet never once does her breathy whisper seem superfluous. it’s quite the feat.


she grabbed my wrists turned my palms up towards the ceiling i didn’t struggle didn’t see the point she ran her pointer finger down the creases over callus while muttering to herself i held in the sigh of dismissal not wanting to break the spell of her delicate fingers brushing little arcs of electricity on […]

a few of my favorite things

a mud puddle soaked through my favorite sneakers, the world weary glances from all of the tweakers, small plastic baggies loaded with a variety of pills, this realm is a hell filled with peril and chills all of the people with masks covering faces, six feet apart in all of the public places, there is […]


she would send me snapshots of heaven. i would pen missives from hell. there is a flow in this dichotomy as her halo appeared dulled my weeping wounds began scabbing later as i viewed the world from the bottom of another empty bottle i would remember those glimpses into the other side with the fondness […]

bemusement park

there is no more bereft feeling no more hopeless sorrow no more barren land than that moment before bed when you look over at the emptiness that consumes you blow it a kiss then stare at the ceiling for hours on end a hand drawn out of order sign on the tilt a whirl of […]