mouth of need

my mind is fixated on her breasts today as a leg man this confuses me but as a lover of art i have decided to contemplate the feel of her nipples on my tongue her heartbeat just beneath my warm mouth of need

her smile II

her smile is kept behind glass an inch thick on the far wall of the art museum there is promise hidden within a worn bench to sit and stare at the glory of it while hope blossoms inside it is for you

mime’s last act

he was trapped in an invisible box his smile was painted on but the terror in his eyes was real contagious he pulled out something from his pocket a pistol i watched in horror as he screwed a tube onto the end he looked at me with sorrow on his face silently pounding a fist […]

her smile

her smile is like the hollywood sign bathed in starlight on the hills there is promise hidden within of happiness sheer and free in the loving embrace of fondest wishes granted


if the world is an aquarium i hide in my castle every single time the treasure chest opens with fat bubbles the diver waves but i wonder fearfully what lurks behind the great brass dome of his through the water he bobs on the recirculated water a remnant of olden times ancient exploration part of […]


the conductor stands solemnly waving his baton to guide the orchestra unaware he is supposed to watch the tracks the train speeds down he is god awful at his job but just inebriated enough to not give two shits about anything but the second chair clarinet hitting off key notes you can’t argue with a […]


i traced her body with my mind so many times i knew the city i drove through like the back of her legs the country roads like the curve of her hips the neighboring hills like the swell of her breasts she had unwittingly become the atlas i carried to find my through the confusion […]

shadow of a squirrel

her love was the shadow of a squirrel flitting amongst the branches of the imaginary forest in my chest neither of us understood that but we laughed when i said it then proceeded to make love in front of the fire

Deadmans Tome, June issue (Father’s Day)

My first year as a published author has just had my third piece put out. The great folks at Deadmans Tome put out an monthly collection filled with great writers. This month is special as not only do I have a poem that was selected, but I get to share the some book with my […]

(un)titled surrender VII

always felt secure in my insecurities obscure in my security blanket confined in my straight jacket and adjacent to my emotions now i feel blanketed in her affection in surrender the power is all her’s which leaves me at her whim wind chimes before her gale force majesty to be loved or left depends on […]

uncanny valley

we’ve crossed the uncanny valley moment where i can no longer tell satire sarcasm and actual news apart i cannot distinguish hilarity from idiocy reason and logic have become road markers fifty or so exits back


i saw a starfish on the beach the other day it asked me if i could set it back into the water i did as it asked the tide came washed him back to the sand he asked again i tried one more time only to see the tide bring him back out to the […]

alas to sleep

every time the call ends i feel the phantom limb of her smile upon my mind for half an hour after nothing can erase the image of her lips upon mine then the dull pain of missing her settles in alas i pray to sleep if only to see her in dream


life is like your first car as the miles add up the wear and tear sets in the new car smell fades as the engine requires more and more to turn over in the morning death is the wrecker with the flashing lights circling the block waiting patiently like a panther in the tree for […]


she smiled said watch i can do a magic trick i shrugged disillusioned with illusionary tactics she grabbed the broken bits from my mind and chest placed them in a top hat waved her magic wand leaned forward and kissed me gently just like that presto like the breaks had never occured i took a […]


the clowns paint their lips with pomegranate juice tears roll down through thick white makeup the ringmaster sits the king of dying dreams his paper crown wilted like the blossom of a rose in the endless heat of summer his throne a folding chair speckled with rust the elephants limp painfully skeletal with gaunt eyes […]


counting the seconds until home comes to me she sleeps as day breaks over me it just makes sense that everything is backwards


i have spent my entire life not seeing myself but the monster that was beaten into me from childhood listening to the voice in the back of my head that said i can’t i’m not good enough why bother the face that scowled back in the mirror the self hatred that whispered in the night […]


my sternum has the words in case of emotion break stenciled upon it inside you’ll find a dusty note with the sloppy misspelled writing of a younger me abndon all hope ye who entr hre in hindsight it seems the safest thing to have done


i want to cling to your skin in the same way as that summer dress every inch every curve beneath gentle hands hungry mouth to drink you in like a glass of whiskey with one ice cube sweating on the bar in the humid heat of another day with the thirst of a dying man […]

secondary sun

my morning routine entails coffee and the sunrise the birds and the occasional squirrel planes flying over head the warmth of another texas morning baking across my half asleep skin a creature of habit this morning i missed the sunrise didn’t hear the birds no squirrel no planes the heat was from the flush of […]


i have always doubted.the veracity of my own existence then i met you now i wonder if i am just the cut up pieces of a thousand mistakes super glued and photocopied into the semblance of a real boy because god damn you are every dream i ever had then promptly forgot at waking that […]

one lesson

if i have learned anything which admittedly may not be the case despite the best teachers a series of life lessons and a heartbreaking stretch of failures it all accumulates into one important message if you can find your silence deep down in the chaos of your mind listen to it it is a damn […]


i captained my vessel upon stormy seas never seeing the curvature of the bottle it had been erected within it wasn’t until long after land should have come into view i saw myself reflected back at me from glassy eyes of indignation another shipwreck on the mantle of forgotten soliloquies another sermon given over the […]

finicky and aloof

i blew a kiss to the sun asked it be delivered to your lips whispered i love you to the breeze and set it free each drop of rain was a tear shed in longing for the messages to arrive i wonder if they ever did the sun seems aloof the breeze is so finicky […]


her sadness crosses time zones to fill me with anxiety while her smile sends chills of happiness throughout my body if i could find a way to never make that smile fade to infuse her with my love at all times the world around us would transform this has become my only goal to figure […]


my metal limbs grow rusted as dew forms along my joints soon the sun will heat the day burning off the condensation children will crack eggs upon my skin and laugh as they fry red flashes of binary anger but faulty wires prevent speech corroded by negligence or abandoned to nature i scream in a […]


take me like the first gasp of air after surfacing from a free dive five hundred meters down consume me like lava flowing across the countryside until all that remains is ash in the wind every bit of me is yours to do with what ever you wish for your dream is my desire

(un)titled reality

who could have imagined an innocent question turns into finding the one you imagined but never thought existed that no matter how much of one another is shared it is still the brief moments without that feel like torture

end of the world

it may nearly be the end of the world but she and i will spend it making love with the blinds closed some things are more important than armageddon

loathesome poet

the loathesome poet deterred beneath the trunk of the apple tree his many missives in form of rotten fruit each sickly seed another poisonous ode to wretched insignificance the many branches hang forlornly in the willing heat of summers spent penning whimpering simpering words into the void of another existential nothing


woke up in a bathtub filled with ice a jagged incision hastily stitched together with twine where my brain used to be the dull ache is reassuring because at least i feel something other than the cold emptiness how i got here what they possibly could have wanted i can’t say because they sewed my […]

the only

at times i feel the only beauty i have to give you is your reflection in my eyes don’t stare too deeply though the fire beneath may scorch your retinas


kombucha grimace golden light flooding fairy pink shades dance on steel gray cerulean slowly coming to life coffee drips birds as an alarm memorizing every moment while dreaming of morning in a new land

making do

sometimes it seems prayers go to voicemail while we are stuck making do on our own in the meantime while with others the answer is immediate even if we don’t care for them nearly as much

evening checklist

all that remains of the evening are adding water to the coffee pot the hopes of dreaming of her smile and writing poems for the other side of the world as i sleep the main issue is the coffee still needs to be brewed the dreams are not certain and do i really want to […]

three views on dying

he is fresh like a newly dug grave yet weathered like the headstone beside it take two he is open like a freshly dug grave yet worn out like the body soon to fill it take three the vigor of youth has left his dessicated frame leaving only a bag of aches and bones behind […]

ordered chaos

it was a chorus of rampantly firing firearms filling fields of fraught fear with pretentious failures flopping limply to flatten the flaring pheremonal flanks shooting straight up into the air with hats festooned with targets as wildcats chase prey across the serengeti of estranged childhood fantasies bedazzling and aloof the fish doesn’t know it has […]


i spend so long daydreaming i assume my brain has developed chiseled definition yet when i snap out of the blissful state i find the world seems unfamiliar altogether it isn’t as if i miss that voice of impossibilities intruding on my mental meanderings but i worry i may disbelieve gravity finding myself drifting into […]

a dreamer

i am constantly amazed that i dreamt of you for so long without knowing you were real that you danced across my mind for years if only my imagination had been able to fully capture you as you truly are instead of the fraction of brilliance i saw then i worry i might have never […]

red light

our eyes met for a moment at the stop light i smiled she smiled then we both stared awkwardly forward waiting for light to turn green i was just watching the sparrow dart but she didn’t know that

the day

the day scowled at me with petulance i could only shrug back at it how could i feel bad for it starting with gazing at sheer beauty thus setting unrealistic expectations for it to chase from here on


her spirit always carried the faintest whiff of gasoline from fires she had not gotten around to set her eyes gave off flashes like struck matches sparks igniting dry kindling when she thought i wasn’t paying attention


there is an inherent beauty in the damned in the unworthy in the unclean much like purity gleams with a soft golden glow of sunshine and joy the tarnish of sin casts an equally wicked glimmer in the light of the full moon perhaps that is just the song my secondhand heart sings in off […]


hello yes, can i speak with jason sorry, wrong number she sounded sad, dejected, hopeful to be adjacent with jason but digitally challenged instead, left hanging on the tone deaf dial tone, disconnected by a matter of numerical dissention lost love, missed connection, fake number given in the heat of the one sided moment i […]


at first she had a room inside my mind cozy lined with books two bean bags where we would sit and chat before the fire soon it was a wing dedicated to her smile before i knew it the main hall had been replaced and every time i stepped inside myself she greeted me each […]

chaotic word illustrations penned by maddened fools

paint by numbers dyslexia, the palate doesn’t match the taste buds doesn’t match the palate of another sunrise at the bottom of the sea shanty grog scented mess palatial estates set upon fault lines undisguised cries shouted from the very nestled pit of vipers in an ancient burial ground for nuclear disasters the grand disasterpiece […]

birthday is just bitter misspelled

it is my mother’s birthday today we haven’t spoke in a decade yet still i remember if that were all i could recall perhaps her i would call but in stubbornness born of self protection from the one from which i was born shall remain a cast off crucible a raised scar on soft pink […]


swimming in the amniotic probiotic stew of life before an errant lightning strike single celled orgasmic entities with single purpose single drive duality hardcoded in Jacob’s ladders of recombinant woven strands of destitute logic and demure posings pollywogs with fervent dreams of long legs and barefeet buried in the quicksand of another solemn virtue skipping […]

celluloid ravens

if they made a movie about the fool the cast would be fifty three ravens and her the director would claw his eyes out as the conspiracy of ravens sought to undo each take with primadonna antics all while she happily sketches another masterpiece on a weathered park bench under the chilly autumnal skies the […]


she sets my mind racing like a perpetual motion engine ordering chaos lining up thoughts like errant sparks in a warehouse filled with gunpowder setting off a series of explosions that rattle me to my very core all while whispering gentle words of concern at every new ear splitting chorus of need and desire i […]

(un)titled surrender VI

the writers have tried and failed to give a definition to love of flowers and showers, sunlight and dark the moon and the stars, the tides and the land they never came close because with definition you limit, words cannot hope to embody something so freeing and pure true love, is a blessing, a cool […]


if i’ve learned anything the heron in flight is the second most beautiful thing i have seen today next to her smile both exceed my capacity for words both effortless in majesty while i would love to see that bird again her smile imprinted upon my soul

silence at last

butterfly on the windshield crow in the tree duck on the log lone fisherman with orange bobber in the flooded stream prop plane lazy circles fat bumblebee dance from flower to flower a fish jumps to catch a dragonfly ripples spread the fool sits and types monarch lands on the screen casual divinity like a […]


half fulfilled in a constant state of yearning half distilled in a rampant state of wishing half concealed in a desperate state of screaming one foot straddling two dimensions nothing but a void growing beneath precariously flat footed as the soil falls into the hungry nothing insatiable surrounded by emptiness blanketed by dark thoughts here […]


afloat on a pat of butter in a pan over high heat wondering why my arm hairs are getting singed perhaps i will dissolve into the dismissal of my own misunderstandings my former obsession depression sinks her fangs into my neck again to speed the cooking time reminding me she was always the one with […]

ill suited

the problem with dreams is waking alarms sound pain flares there is always something to ruin the placid state of reverie reality truth words if i could remain sleep walking for five more minutes not have this bubble burst to fall silently to the earth i will gladly accept the impact maybe the great poets […]