she smiled
said watch
i can do
a magic trick
i shrugged
with illusionary tactics

she grabbed
the broken bits
from my mind and chest
placed them in a top hat
waved her magic wand
leaned forward
and kissed me gently

just like that
like the breaks
had never occured
i took a deep breath
without pain
as she filled my lungs

10 thoughts on “magic

  1. ……and after 68 years on the earth and many ‘right’ people I have finally come to the conclusion that until I find that wholeness in myself I will never be able to share completely with the ‘other’ no matter how many final ‘right people’ I think are out there. Two whole individuals helping each other on their individual paths.
    I will now stand in the liminal space and learn the lessons each ‘right’ person tried to teach, always the same lesson that I tried to fill with ‘another’, same lesson different teachers. The only way out is in.

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    1. This is beauty in simplicity. I spent years as a partial. It has been in the past couple months I found that inner peace to accept I am exactly who I am. If someone is going to take the journey with me they need to accept and counterbalance the flaws inherent. None of us are ever truly whole I don’t think. But we are exactly who we are. It is finding the one that fills the gaps and let’s you fill their gaps that matters. Perfection is like beauty, all based on persepective.

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      1. You are right Mike, I also think that none of us is ever truly whole, it is a never-ending movement forward … the ‘gaps’ as you point out obviously need to be ‘filled’ or perhaps also ‘faced’? I can and have accepted exactly who I am but it is always a moving target and my perspective changes…… with the gaps becoming deeper or more shallow with my willingness to pick up a shovel.

        Every person I meet whether friend, lover or someone on the street is busy either filling or avoiding their own ‘gaps’. I really do feel at this moment in time that any ‘other’ we meet no matter what role they play in our lives can only be a companion to help us fill our own gaps as we witness and support them find a way to fill theirs. Companions along the way……

        Just talking to myself really, not very romantic I know but a truer and more honest way for me to see our human interactions…..for myself…….in this ‘moment in time’ anyway

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