swimming in the amniotic probiotic stew of life before an errant lightning strike

single celled orgasmic entities with single purpose single drive duality hardcoded in Jacob’s ladders of recombinant woven strands of destitute logic and demure posings

pollywogs with fervent dreams of long legs and barefeet buried in the quicksand of another solemn virtue

skipping carelessly across the finer points in an effort to miss missing the big picture while complaining the scenery was better as a child

bamboozled swindled conned out of simple convection by conniving convicts coalescing corpulently

the melting pot is now the same shade of scorched carbon that dots the horizon of every lie spoke in the face of hopeless need

still they swim like hapless little bastards like toads in the pan of steadily boiling water

waiting for the singular force of energy to whisk them away into the annals of darwinian deductions

amniotic probiotic primordial soup filled with unstrained reactions to unfiltered commentaries in semi charmed subaquatic dialects

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