we all die alone but we don’t have to live that way

when i was in the throes of the understanding the fear of dying alone i was willing to do things that were not me to stave it off

when i realized we all die alone that it is an intimate act solitary in nature but made for a crowd of one to experience i acquiesced

it was when i discovered living was an act to be shared dying became a distant thought so i focused on the wonder of existing

it was then things began to click together the picture of the puzzle came into focus and i allowed myself to open up to the world

One thought on “we all die alone but we don’t have to live that way

  1. Thank you for everything Mike. The poems you wrote me and the story about my daughter. Me writing many crappy poems about you, hey I tried lol. You’ll always be my one of my favorite writers. I remember when it was just me and you on here. Me loving every word you wrote, I still do. Im so happy for the success you have had. I’m sorry my stupid self ruined our friendship. Btw you recommended War and Peace… I finished it this summer. It was a really great book. You can delete this if you want. I just wanted to tell you all that. I hope you are well.


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