one of my favorite sights in the city is right before the forest lane exit heading north on 75

there is a little strip mall with bright red awning that always attracts my eyes

the center median that seperates northbound and southbound had lovely red flowers

i find myself staring at the blooms as traffic screeches to a halt everyday from morning to night

but the strip mall through the flowers is a sight for sore eyes to feast upon

the casket store sits between a pet groomer and a cafe i imagine serves great food for morbidity

i don’t know why iy tickles my brain but i wonder at the idea of opening a cafe in that spot

the rent has to be cheap the clientele somber for such a cherry awning to draw them in

oak caskets with silk lining and comfort food within twenty feet from one another

there is a genius to it that makes me smile as the flowers play in the exhaust of another traffic jam

some people like the tall buildings downtown, the fountains and the sculptures of the arts district

me, i like the insanity of one stop shopping, pet grooming, corpses and chicken fried steaks

that is dallas in my mind, a conglomeration of ideals laid out with no real planning


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