i trained
to be a master of illusion
delusion gave in
to intrusion instead
so when i pulled a dove
from my jacket pocket
it was no surprise
to anyone
when a raven swooped down
to claw out my eye
before snatching the dove
from my shaking hand
the rabbit in the hat
died of salmonella
from tainted carrots
the look
on the kids faces
was priceless
at the price
of years of therapy
to get the maggots
falling from the open mouth
out of their young minds
the screams
of the innocence lost
echo on
wrap my chest
in chains
make sure the padlocks
are secure
then toss me in a safe
into the river
i am no escape artist
but it seems
for all involved
to disavow themselves
of my presence
my last presents
to the ones
i never meant
any harm to
but inflicted
upon them anyway
is the never ending
row of colored ribbons
from my rippling throat
in place of
apropos apologies

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