overcast city

the city is overcast it smells like wet dog and burning rubber as the meth addicts walk along the small strips between the buildings searching for something in the brown grass the man shakes screams into the quiet morning with something just left of mindless rage as he kicks tufts of dead sod into the […]

raised by the city

i know the streets of my city like the back of my mother’s hand the details are fuzzy until it strikes me across the face i sit in the parking lot tasting blood before spitting a tooth onto the dirty asphalt i know the skyline out the highrise windows like gazing into my father’s eyes […]


one of my favorite sights in the city is right before the forest lane exit heading north on 75 there is a little strip mall with bright red awning that always attracts my eyes the center median that seperates northbound and southbound had lovely red flowers i find myself staring at the blooms as traffic […]

tabby cat truths

sitting across from the train station in downtown dallas watching people make their way down chilly, dirty streets even the pigeons circling above seem to have had enough of this trash blows down the road, decorating the wasteland of miserable robots going about their dreary existence i am with the alley cats, staring down my […]