overcast city

the city is overcast
it smells like wet dog
and burning rubber
as the meth addicts
walk along
the small strips
between the buildings
searching for something
in the brown grass

the man shakes
into the quiet morning
with something just left
of mindless rage
as he kicks tufts
of dead sod
into the air
around his red face

she follows
with confusion painted
in swirls
on her heavily made up face
like a mute clown
in loudly patterned
stretch pants
and ragged tank top
with no shoes

i wish the skies
would open up
and piss acid rain
to dissolve the entire landscape
of residual heartache
to flow into the sewer
that feels more like home
than the gray buildings
that stare in disinterest


5 thoughts on “overcast city

  1. Some of the things I love about the city 🤷‍♀️ I’m weird.
    I love all the sounds and smells. Cities are a weird and melancholic metaphor for me, it’s like all of the horrors and beauties of the world in one place at one time.

    You’re a perfect poet my dear. Always hitting my soft spots

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