the devil in the mirror

nuclear fusion in spinal inversion therapy, twisted into knots by the invisible hands of stressful discombobulation, lost in terror, dreaming of fire, all alone in misery unable to bend reality

the devil is in the details, the details seem pervasive as the life of the search party with a fine tooth bone comb through every crevice in a soul shattered by microfractures

the devil is a lie the devil is alive the devil smiles with my lips, jutting bone spurs from a creased forehead, blood wells from self inflicted paper cuts across the tongue the mind the eyeballs

someone has a voodoo doll with no hair and an evil scowl, stabbing the fool in the heart on repeat, dastardly demons doing dark deeds, insanity on public display of disaffected desire

foaming at the mouth, rabid with rancid rancor releasing reticence rehashing revoked relationship relativity, the disturbing lack of familial foundation leaves broken all the more appealing

the rainbow runs down the nigh time sky like mascara on the cheeks of another fallen angel plummeting to the earth like a meteor from once up high, the devil laughs with my voice

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