another day another dollar of which seventy five percent is mine of which fifty percent comes home of which forty five percent goes to living

another day another nickel to cling desperately to

another day another twenty four hours in which sixty six percent is not spent trying to sleep in which thirty three percent is spent working of which thirty three percent is free time in which twenty percent is spent writing in which thirteen percent is spent getting ready for the next day

another day and thirty minutes to relax a little

the math adds up but feels slightly off putting

so instead, i sit and stare at the birds and squirrels and let everything else sort itself out

10 thoughts on “math

  1. Haha very nice. Take a break of which 20 percent you contemplate on your future of which ten percent on the dollar a day spent of which 30 percent on how much you spent for yourself. Let those squirrels and birds do its chores 🙂

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