in flight

passengers, this is your captain speaking, i am not a religious man, nor am i good father or husband

i cheat, drink, curse, speed, ogle, manipulate, aggravate, intimidate, perpetrate, instigate, and when i was thirteen stole an entire series of books

suffice it to say when my time of reclining comes, the fires of hell await my tar black soul with the kiss of eternal damnation

as the flying spectres or torment pierce the veil of torture, inflicting upon me cuts for every grave offense given in my time on the mortal coil i shall shed tears for the ones i have wronged

the fasten seatbelt sign is on due to turbulence in this crisis of faith that shoots stabbing pain down my cerebral hemmorage as numb finger grip the sticks that fates of each and everyone of you as well

to your left is cleveland, our destination of oblivion lies somewhere over the great lakes

do whatever you want, your autonomy is less my concern than a symptom of the visceral emptiness that is life itself

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