early morning crisis

oscillating between moments of serene fancy and fanciful sinking into the sloughing swamps of sorrow torn apart in the midst of creative inspiration and existential devastation to drown slowly damn the rivers the torpedos the ever melting ice shelf he sits at the beach hoping the oceans rise to sweep him away

in flight

passengers, this is your captain speaking, i am not a religious man, nor am i good father or husband i cheat, drink, curse, speed, ogle, manipulate, aggravate, intimidate, perpetrate, instigate, and when i was thirteen stole an entire series of books suffice it to say when my time of reclining comes, the fires of hell […]

of hounds and hares

the hounds bay at the rabbit affixed to the rail another false prophet profiteering in misery the hounds howl with drool flecked muzzles above windsor knotted ties clamoring for the scent of sense and cents and sex the rabbit runs electrodes charged stuffed with shredded dollar bills he isn’t quite sure if he is hound […]