illinois rose

empty your mind, let your heart fill it with find remembrances of home
the smell of walking in after a long day, herbs and spices wafting as dinner simmers, the television on low casting shadows upon the well worn carpet, dust mites floating through the air, near frozen in place as bars of light shine through the four offset windows at the top of the heavy wooden door
open yourself farther
the woods behind the house, the sunlight dappled leaves rustling in a cool wind over summer days, possums in the tree, mulberries fat on branches
traffic sounding far off rumbles, civilization a distant murmuring, a memory, a thought unallowed to encroach on this
the hills of rough clay jutting, the slope down towards fields of raspberries and blackberries, the sharp thorns, large black and yellow spiders
stained lips and fingers, the low sound of the river somewhere lost in the thickets ahead the clack of the loose chain on the bike, the feel of the bar metal handlebars under soft hands, dogs barking
the smell of rain, the feel of snow landing on the back of your neck, leaves burning, tentative steps across icy concrete, puffs of breath as you shovel the drive

tomorrow, today, yesterday, yesteryear, each another petal on the dripping blossom of the illinois rose of youth

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