alternating sparks

electricity has always called to me something in the alternating currents reflected something broken inside of me i fluctuate some days all i see is beauty some days all that exists is ugly dour disenfranchised disavowed disassociated disemboweled by these thoughts errant sparks a recurring theme like electricity or my broken the pattern calls to […]

kennesaw stroll (realization)

a last trip around the frozen civil war cemetery my mind haunted by extraordinary beauty music playing loudly in my ears the cold bite of the wind a reminder that i am still alive that these ghosts are figments of the me that died to be reborn in her eyes as something more complete than […]


danger the sign had read, simply danger with no attempt at an ecplanation curving road deer children at play falling rocks my mind raced at the thought of the potential for harm that could be lurking just out of sight there was a halfassedry a laziness in installing such a sign instilling such a fear […]

miles left

sometimes i drive through sections of town where the houses are hidden down private drives with trees lining the street so it seems like in the middle of the city there is nothing for miles i guess it is sort of the truth as there is nothing there for me in the hidden homes with […]

spring has sprung

she stood naked beneath the crackling skies as the torrent of words rained down upon her unafraid of drowning as the hurricane swept along her limbs from her fingertips little swollen buds grew green in contrast to the heavy snows of winter still she smiles serenely up at the clouds acceptance written in her eyes […]

coming home

the lines of filth run down the inside of the glass to pool on the threadbare carpet in viscous sodden rorschach images of corose beetles eating the flesh clean off the skeleton of hope left discarded with the rest of the good feelings thjs vacuum sealed planet of piss poor expectations launched into the void […]

(un)titled home

the taste of her on my lips the feel of her against my side as she mumbles sleepily how long has the bed been empty devoid of dream lost with no anchor to keep me in place against the turbulent tides her gentle breathing in a room so silent for far too long waiting for […]

a way home

feels as if the ridicule reticule is aimed a little too close to home the subsonic lasers trained on the third eye let pulses fly into another shipwrecked fantasy singing along with the pigeons begging for yet another scrap of bread lost in the ever winding spiralling arm of the milky way searching for my […]

illinois rose

empty your mind, let your heart fill it with find remembrances of home the smell of walking in after a long day, herbs and spices wafting as dinner simmers, the television on low casting shadows upon the well worn carpet, dust mites floating through the air, near frozen in place as bars of light shine […]


counting the seconds until home comes to me she sleeps as day breaks over me it just makes sense that everything is backwards


i found a scrap of paper by my infantile sketchings the word home written and underlined three times why and when i did it i don’t know but it is important or was or could be made me think of you

desert lily

her gaze across the lilac scented room pierced the haze of sorrow that once lay like mist over every part of his world she is magnificent the type of beauty that once seen cannot be forgotten burnt onto his optic nerve etched across his mind he felt as if dying of thirst lost in the […]


i always had a roof over my head but for most of my life i have been homeless direction less astride the seas of life without a rudder or place to go it’s hard to find your way when your way is weighs and means mean spirited spirited away a way from the things everyone […]

normal state

taxiing down the runway, flights filled with dream and hope friday travel, headed home, a week in quiet seclusion so many smiles, except the fool, headed home to his empty apartment he watches them holding hands down the corridor, my hand reaches to the quiet void by my side end of the road, end of […]


when it came to moving from illinois to texas, i didn’t let myself think, i packed, i moved, i said good bye to my previous life it was fast, it was done like ripping a bandage off but i remember the call it was as if i had begun vibrating on a new frequency lately […]


the sea is rocky today rivulets of salty spray against the starboard rail on, on, ever forward towards the eastern star the sharp crack of rifle fire plumes of black smoke splintered wood on, on, ever drifting, planks of wood on the waves dead zones without current aimlessly floating ambergris bobbing Her smile beckons to […]


i found a sea shell in a store in iowa i held it up to my ear and heard nothing instead of the sea the shell had been gone from the water so long it had forgotten what home was i could relate i could see home smell it but i have forgotten the sound […]

back home

they said there was snow back home today how i long for those swollen gray clouds and the soft flakes to fall upon my upturned face it is raining here today far from frozen wonderlands and left dreary and sad no slush upon my shoes no frost upon my beard just the haze of misty […]

until all that is left is all that is left behind

and the room feels familiar, a certain sense of two pieces clicking together the ghosts that linger, wispy forms that flutter and stare, they don’t attack but just hover and stare in a disappointment here the creeks and rattling of chains, muted screams of past lies relived, they missed having a sad soul to torture […]

pain in the shadow of salvation

blades of sound slice through his heaving chest, an echo of the poetry that flays and filets, consternation and chills running down his spine, across his face, raw emotion and buried truth her words filled his mind lit a fire inside of him and as he lay on the cusp of giving up her words […]

the sea

he sat next to the rocky outcropping watching the waves batter the shore this was his happy place one where the world stopped feeling so itchy, where the irritants and constant chatter went silent this was where he came when his wits end were reached, when the thought of letting the azure wash over him […]