when it came to moving from illinois to texas, i didn’t let myself think, i packed, i moved, i said good bye to my previous life

it was fast, it was done like ripping a bandage off

but i remember the call

it was as if i had begun vibrating on a new frequency

lately i have begun vibrating again

i need the fresh landscapes again, new everything

now the call is farther, yet i have more to give up

the life of the fool is seldom an easy one, seldom not fraught with peril

but what if that is how it should be, maybe we allow ourselves to grow too comfortable, too at home when home is in the eyes of one far away

do you ignore that call

i am coldly analytical to a fault

yet swept along my emotions

because logic does not equate to happiness, and happiness defies logic

i have a new home yet i have yet to reach it

in my head

i have already gone

just have to wait for the vibrations to catch up to my soul

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