warm rain

it’s raining in atlanta, finally warm but the steady drop of water lulls me into the false belief everything will be okay today

poor sleep, checked out of the room, checked out mentally, physically inaccessible to the thoughts of the day ahead

twelve hours until boarding the steel monstrosity, two and half to landing in the home that feels less like home than home ever did

what is like where you are, so far away from the mundane stress of this daily ordeal, away from this headache and twisting thoughts

if you look to the east, as i look to the west, accounting for curvature of the earth, and solar radiation, can our eyes still meet

i am done, well broiled in your distant gaze, hard boiled in this malignant haze, wondering if living is just a phase, a malaise

close your eyes, turn your head to the sky, can you feel the warm rain running down my face, the raw force of my thinking only

of you.

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