of bells and pennies

neon pink
alight upon
a bed of cerulean silk
stretching across
the eastern sky

a penny
dulled and flat
glaring up
from the sidewalk
no face no markings
a slug of copper

tired feet
dragging over
broken roads
a penumbra of
grips tightly to
a sullen scene
too little
coached as
just enough

church bells
a mindless song
of strong winds
in barely withheld
apologies for
centuries of
mindless falsehoods
the sheep chew
across the barren fields
fluffy pinatas
filled with
angry hornets
strung from the
leafless trees

schoolgirls huddle
against chilled winds
skeletal hands gripping
tight to
the last vestige of
freedoms squandered
waiting for a bus
trapped in a line
of angry motorists
headed nowhere

under an absurdity of
neon pink swells
on an ocean of silk
a watercolored abscess
in denatured hell

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