lunar longing

i have to resist
the urge to peel
the sticker of the moon
from the brightening
sky of mourning
to run my fingernail
around the edge
and extract the
perfect sphere of sallow
sun’s reflection
to place it whole
upon my ceiling
holding the tides hostage
between moments of
my broken sleep

to awaken in the night
crescents of crimson on
my tightly clenched fists
to mimic the sliver of
wan yellow light diffused
through the haze where
dreams partially coalesce
to cover the field of gray
covering my cold naked body
to whisper softly of love
to this monument to
celestial adorations left
untouched in breaking dawn

i long to take this
cratered satellite
detached from morose spinning
as a nightlight
so when i awaken
lost and confused
it illuminates your
perfection huddled close
reminding me
not all dreams are terrors
in a world of fantasy
tinted amber with longing
etched deep into my soul

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