coaldust reveries

swimming perilously
through disharmonics
an incessant insistence
in precipitous streams
of filthy unconsciousness

a coating of grime in
every nook and crevice
an oil slick glimmering
inverted rainbows over
stagnant pools of dream

i am
on the
edge of
longing to
the swirling

alpha numerics
algebraic in tone
a surge of voltage
arcs between
the tines of the
serving fork
between the
third and forth rib
a gentle piercing
into the shriveled
lung coated in
coaldust reveries

a vacancy in
the shape of a heart
at the verge of
sheer exhaustion

tap tap tapping away
idiocy incorporated
into insidious maladies
a slick of multicolored algae
on the surface of thought

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