i lose sight
to the idea that
not only am i
the pilot of this
flesh vessel
but also an unwilling
prisoner trapped in
this temple dedicated to
a slow degradation
locked in a dome
a faery tale prince
at the top of the tower
encased in a prison
of ivory bone

unable to see
lost in this maze
of distorted realities
the only escape
a permanence of dark
listlessly exploring
my own myopic hell
redefining eternity
in fleeting consciousness
my voice has no
sound nor substance
each thought sending
ripples in this
perpetual twilight
in a chemical spill
of lonely sorrows

both pilot and
unwitting passenger
drifting aimlessly
among the stragglers
frantically reading
falsified owner manuals
seeking meaning in
the absurdity of life
semi autonomous golems
crashing ineptly
though deluded existence
maestros of destruction
in a discordant symphony
of entropic demise

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